The marketplace for the Girl Gone Authentic

Stacii Bazaar is a marketplace that is intentionally and consciously curated for the modern global woman. Our founding principle was to reconnect with substance through craft and natural textile design. We delve deep into cultures, the hands who make craft and textile and genuinely tell their story. Afterall, it is only natural to get to intimately know each item you invite into your home and closet.

Emphasis on Natural fibers and Textiles

86% of the world’s textile is synthetic. This just means that the average closet is made up of plastic. Already, globally, we are struggling to combat plastic pollution. It is in our oceans and landfills. And then the is the plastic that is rarely ever talked about - the one that makes up our clothes. It is estimated that washing a single synthetic garment produces up 1900 microplastic particles, per wash. We breathe in up to 130 plastic particles per day.

We made it our mission to seek out local people, particularly those in rural areas, who still use traditional methods to make natural textiles. Where we can, we partner with the local people, to create meaningful pieces for your closet. At the heart of our mission, is a deep desire to educate, inspire and awaken a passion in the younger generation to learn these dying techniques.

Shop Consciously at Stacii Bazaar

Our emphasis on non-synthetic textile and local craftsmanship offers wardrobe staples and unique home objects that not only tell a story, but are also designed and made to last. We hope you find the next item you will stay in love with for years to come.