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Lola Cotton Farmers Bag
  • Lola Cotton Farmers Bag
  • Lola Cotton Farmers Bag
  • Lola Cotton Farmers Bag
  • Lola Cotton Farmers Bag

Lola Cotton Farmers Bag

€ 59.00


The laidback Lola farmers bag is made from uncoloured cotton. A strong symbolism of standing strong in who we are - daring to let our perfections and imperfections dance together in perfect harmony. The Girl Gone Authentic knows this truth and Lola is a gentle reminder that like a mosaic, pure beauty only emerges when the pieces come together.

Origin + Material

The Lola cotton farmers bag is slow made by hand by the Palaung hilltribe women in the beautiful rice terraces and majestic Thai hills. The natural fibre used assures quality that is not only timeless, but looks better with each wash. Each bag is a woven tapestry of age old craftsmanship fused with modern simplicity, perfect for everyday use.

Please note that each item is handmade from natural fabric, therefore the colors may slightly vary.

Sizes + Weights

The Lola Cotton Farmers Bag comes in 2 sizes:
Medium: 90x30x30cm, Weight 170grams
Large: 90x40x40cm, Weight: 200grams
There may be slight differences from bag to bag.

Shipping + Delivery

Stacii ships worldwide. Please proceed to the checkout to calculate the shipping price. The bags are made to order and will be shipped within 7-14 days after placing an order. Delivery times vary based on location. For more information, please visit our Shipping and Delivery page.

Ethical Bags made from 100% Natural Fibres at Stacii Bazaar

We don’t know about you, but our handbags are usually filled with anything and everything. We figured we prefer being over prepared rather than leaving behind something we might just need during the day. Our only concerns became carrying a clean conscience and something strong enough to fit a book or two. This was the beginning of the search for ethical bags intentionally made for the Girl Gone Authentic.

The journey took us to the hills of Thailand where the local people, for centuries and to this day weave strong natural fibres. The puzzle was solved. All Stacii Bazaar bags would be made to last using natural fibres, while preserving and refining age old traditions.

The Girl Gone Authentic would never have to question the quality of her tote bag, beach bag, or clutch purse. It would tell the story of the hands that made it. She would spin her tales from near and far, and delicately weave them next to the makers story.

And when Time finally caught up with her, she would wrap it up and pass it along to a kindred spirit. We believe some things get more and more beautiful with time, and a simple, intentionally made bag should be one of those things.